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Great week with good food and the fresh air of the mountains. The hosts of the bujtina were very funny, thank you Rando for organizing everything!

Pavlinka Davitkova

( (Albanian Highlands Experience, FYROM) )

It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun traveling with Geri and Rando. And we certainly learned and experienced a lot more than if we had visited ourselves.


Robert Noeckel

( Local Food & Unesco Heritage Tour, DE )

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“Albania” app by CityInformation

GoodAlbania Team May 09 ,2017
Albania App by CityInformation

Finally Albania has entered the world wide platform for city app that CityInformation is. With the “Albania” App you’ll always have all the information you need about Albania and over 1000 cities within reach. The local news, the weather, the best events, public transport information, the local radio and so much more; all in one

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Meet us at ITB Berlin 2017

GoodAlbania Team February 11 ,2017

Great chance to get to know Albania and our company better. We are going to exhibit in ITB 2017 in Berlin 8th to 12th of March, 2017. You can meet us at Hall 1.2, Albania National stand Booth No 213. To arrange a meeting with our delegation or to get more info, please contact our:

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Why traveling with locals is the best way to travel

GoodAlbania Team October 29 ,2016

Go Local! Hi! My name is Geri, I am not a blogger but I needed to write something to help you understand what I just realized and to understand better how is traveling with us. I will start this piece by a quote that I always say : “You really discover a place when you

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Luxury holidays on a budget in South Albania

GoodAlbania Team July 03 ,2016

Dreaming about a paradise with virgin sand beaches, a warm sea, in the midst of the jungle, calm during the day and wild during the night, unspoiled by tourism but with WiFi everywhere? Yeah,I know. You are thinking about a Caribbean island with a resort in it. No need to travel that far..and to spend a

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Sustainable tourism in Albania..

GoodAlbania Team June 25 ,2016
Albanian local experience

  In the past decade tourism has had a very positive trend in our ex-communist, ex-isolated country. Travelers from all over the world, hearing of this unexplored, cheap heaven with a wonderful coast, breathtaking highlands and rich cultural heritage, have flooded the main destinations and attractions mostly during the summer months. Undeniably, it has been

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Winning ♥ hearts ♥ in Euro2016

GoodAlbania Team June 17 ,2016
fans france euro 2016

When winning goes beyond a football match.. Forget Russian and English come the Albanian fans! Marseille was a different city game day. The calmness of the early afternoon anticipated noise, beer and brawls in the streets of this harbour town. After the chaotic russian den’, people where hesitant to interact with fans. You would listen to

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