Winning ♥ hearts ♥ in Euro2016

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Winning ♥ hearts ♥ in Euro2016

When winning goes beyond a football match..

Forget Russian and English come the Albanian fans!

Marseille was a different city game day. The calmness of the early afternoon anticipated noise, beer and brawls in the streets of this harbour town. After the chaotic russian den’, people where hesitant to interact with fans. You would listen to stories about the fear and nonsense of man fighting one another in a war-zone-like atmosphere, and what was left in the hearts and minds of Marseillais and Marseillaise was repugnant feelings toward football fans.

What happened that day I can only describe by “The sun always comes up afer the storm”

Albanian fans started pouring in the city and in a blink of an eye, you would see hoards of French and Albanian fans  singing, drinking and having genuine fun together. Fan anthems were all over and by the time the game started, fans had their cheeks painted with red and black stripes in one and white, blue and red at the other.  The most used word in Marseille that day was “BONNE CHANCE”!

albanian french fans

At the very end France won the match but that day Albanian fans gained much more. With our attitude, enthusiasm and positiveness we won the city and the fans in France and in Euro2016.



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