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Luxury holidays on a budget in South Albania

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Dreaming about a paradise with virgin sand beaches, a warm sea, in the midst of the jungle, calm during the day and wild during the night, unspoiled by tourism but with WiFi everywhere? Yeah,I know. You are thinking about a Caribbean island with a resort in it. No need to travel that far..and to spend a fortune as well. There are similar, closer and cheaper heavens that you NEED to know of. Here is an example of what I’m talking about..

Beautiful beach in Albania

And there are so many more like this paradise beach spread all over the south coast. The only obstacle is getting a good deal for a plane ticket but with so many air-lines covering routs to the main and only airport in Tirana, you don’t need to be Tom Cruise to make it happen.

Most beaches are easily reachable by car and you could rent it for 20-30euros per day. The best way to visit the South though is knowing someone from the place. There are hidden virgin beaches every couple of miles but Albanians are not really keen on putting road signs to tell you where and how could you manage going there.

Even for an Albanian that is not from the south, it is almost impossible to get the right information without asking first three or four people. But once you know, this is what you get as a reward :

albanian beach

Now lets get on the luxurious side of the south gem. Big, fancy hotels are mainly located in the city of Saranda but you can find isolated, high buildings spread around the coast with swimming pools, WiFi and all other facilities of a 3 star hotel. If you really want top-notch lux, then Saranda is the place you have to get the hotel in.

With more than a hundred welcoming, high-class hotels charging no more that 60euros per double room (except in the month of August)

hotels saranda

And what about the food! OMG! You could have a three-course dinner, drink cool, local wine or if you are courageous try Raki, all of this inside a castle, having the sea and the city for a view. I’ll leave you guess how much for that dinner! The amount will shock you..LOL!

To experience all of this without any worries about organizing check out our Tailored Tour for the Wonders of South Albania.