Kruja, Eels & Durres


Kruja, Eels & Durres

One quote and one story for you, to make you understand why Skanderbeg is our national hero.

Quote: “It wasn’t me who brought you freedom. I found it here among you.”

Story: Skanderbeg came to the center, surrounded by the leaders of twelve fiefs of Eagles’ Land, carrying two bundles of cranberry stick. He dropped them on the ground and told a little boy to break one bundle. Without saying a word, the child untied a bundle and started breaking the stick one after the other.

Skanderbeg then spoke to the leaders. “Who of you wants to try to break the whole bundle together”. Leke Zekaria rose. He put the bundle to his knee. The sticks bent, but they did not break. He tried and tried but with no success. “You see”, said Skenderbeg. “An example of how strong and unbreakable we will be, if we stand united, together as one.




  •  Skanderbeg Museum and the Old Bazaar in Kruja
  •  Fish based lunch with a lagoon view in the oasis of Patok
  • Durrës’s City Walls, street – art and the Venetian Tower



From April 1st, upon Request

Departure: 09:00 am ( Hotel pick-up )

Included: Transportation, Tour Director, Lunch, Coffee break, Museum Entrances

Getting around: Private motor coach, walking



 Let us take care of details



Expert Tour Director


Local cuisine and

Fresh Fish


Historical sightseeing with local guide


Private transport



  • We start our journey from Tirana, directly to the city of Kruja.

Set off on a guided tour of Dollma Bektashi Teqe , the surroundings and the Castle itself, the Skanderbeg Museum and the National Ethnographic Museum.

You will have free time to wander around the Old Bazaar, with beautiful cobblestone alleys and lovely old architecture.

  • Now we head for lunch in a restaurant in Patok lagoon, regionally recognized as an oasis for many endangered species. At this quite place with a non – ending view of the lagoon, you will enjoy a nice fish – based lunch and local cuisine. ( Fresh ingredients guaranteed ).
  • After lunch, we travel to Durrës for our last “digestive” stop.

Set off on a guided tour of the City Walls, Byzantine Forum, Roman Thermal Baths, and the Amphitheater and enjoy the city’s street art around the ancient ruins.

  • Coffee break on top of the Venetian Tower before traveling to Tirana
  • Drop off at hotel or anywhere in Tirana

Shkodra/ Kruja tour prices

From 49 € / person

 Secure and reliable booking system.