Rural Albania & Illyrian Royal Tombs


Rural Albania & Illyrian Royal Tombs

For most Albanians, the countryside means home, means roots. On this tour we visit the solemn Illyrian Royal Tombs of Selca e Poshtme; we learn about food, life and traditions of an Albanian Rural family; we enjoy an afternoon in a beautiful village in the small peninsula of Lin, on the western shore of Lake Ohrid.



  •  Guided tour around and in the monumental Royal Illyrian Tombs.
  •  Raki drinking, traditional cooking and story telling in a countryside cottage.
  • The picturesque, little village of Lin



From April 1st, upon Request

Departure: 09:00 am ( Hotel pick – up )

Included: Transportation, Tour Director, Lunch, Coffee break.

Getting around: Private motor coach, walking.



 Let us take care of details



Expert Tour Director


Local cuisine and Cooking session


Historical sightseeing


Private transport


  • On our way to Selce e Poshtme, stop in Elbasan Castle for a short tour and coffee break. Inside the walls there are many old houses from the Ottoman era, cobblestone streets and Sinan Pasha’s Turkish Baths.
  • We adventure into the countryside roads towards the Royal Tombs. The monumental Tombs, built inside huge rocks on a side of the hill, are an impressive testimony of a glorious past. After a guided tour around and in the Tombs, we step inside a cottage facing the hill.

Walk through gardens, picking ingredients by yourself and learn how to cook traditional food. Home – made wine and “Raki” are pleasant drinks to accompany your food with.

Listen to stories of gold connected to the Royal graves from the “Man of the House( the oldest man of the cottage ).

*Warning! He will try to refill your Raki glass every time it’s half – full. It is rude to refuse. If you want no more Raki, accept the refill and don’t drink it :).

  • In the afternoon we travel to Lin Village. Enjoy free time wandering around streets shadowed with grape vines and old houses made of stone and bricks. We will have the chance to visit several mosaics dating from the VI – VII century, and buy some delicious Koran fish, grown in the Lake Ohrid.
  • Drop off at hotel or anywhere in Tirana.
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From 45 € / person

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