When to go

Albania: Climate & Weather

The climate is decidedly Mediterranean throughout the whole of the coastal area with hot summers tending towards heat waves. Winters are rainy but mild in temperature with very agreeable mid-seasons.

It tends to be more continental in the mountainous zones: The temperature differences are especially marked from one season to another and the north-east of the country experiences winters with frequent snow.

The best time to visit Albania accordingly to our current tours are :

The Full Day Tours : All year long

The Best of Albania Tour : May to November

Local Food & Unesco Heritage : April, May, June, September and October

Wonders of South Albania : June, July, August and September

Albanian Highlands Experience : May, June, July and September ( August also, if you don’t mind crowded hiking paths)

Mini Nightlife Food Tour : From October to June

Mini Unesco Food Tour : May to October

Mini Photographic Food Tour : All year long

Mini Hiking Food Tour :  Mids of May to October