Local markets

Pazari i Ri (New Bazaar), Tirane


Everyday                           Everyday
March – October            October – March
8AM – 9PM                     8AM – 7PM 

The new bazaar was built in 1930 and is part of the Tirana cultural identity.
The New Bazaar of Tirana, besides a new public space, includes the fruit and vegetable market, the fish and meat market and the event square.

In the “Green Market” are accommodated vegetable merchants, where there are 135 stands. In the meat and fish market there are 25 service units, restaurants and cafes. Likewise, part of the New Bazaar is also a recreational area where different events are organized.

Pazari i Vjeter (Old Bazaar), Kruja


9AM – 7PM

The inhabitants call it the Bazaar of Derexhik (Pazari i Derexhikut), that is the bazaar of the stream, in Turkish, owing to the many streams in the area, so many that even the name of the town itself is said by qualified linguists to derive from the term krua, which means stream in Albanian. 

The market offers local products such as kilims, beautifully embroidered traditional costumes, wooden ornaments, but goods coming from Turkey and China are also common.The shops, goods everywhere on display, helpful but discreet salespeople, all make the Old Bazaar in Kruja a must if one wishes to see a sample of Ottoman culture in Albanian style.

Pazari i Vjeter, Korce


8AM – 4PM

It is characterized by generally one and two storey building, narrow alleys and construction style mixture that attracts visitors’ attention. In the past centuries, the bazaar has been the place of trade exchanges coming from Turkey, Greece, Trieste and Venice.  

The market with about 1,000 stores reached its peak during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The bazaar was burned three times but was rebuilt.